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Kiddo remedies & kid friendly nutritional tips straight from COMMUNITY EXPERTS. 

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Life has your head spinning? Feeling overwhelmed by the technology ridden world, where simple conversations have been replaced by text abbreviations?

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This site will provide a community for those that desire to embrace a little simplicity in a crazy world.

Natural healthcare options, being uniquely you in a cookie cutter world, tons of references & resources.

As a mom, it's easy to loose ourselves a little during the journey. Here's to all the momma's who want to thrive again, be them again, while still loving on their family.

We strongly believe that the past has so much advice to offer us. It's our turn to listen. 

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I'm Christie, face behind Embracing  Simplicity. Here I am actually, bringing Vintage back in the dead of winter! 

Let's be Pen Pals!

We are Embracing Simplicity!

Are you one that loves and Embraces the past? You feel it has so much to offer us, however it's usually gone unheard? 

Society is so busy, we just buzz on by. Often times forgetting to appreciate the beauty all around us.

The weathered boards of a once beautiful home pulls at your heart strings. The lively adventure and all the stories that are to be told are held tight in the grooves of the old wood. 

You go against the norm and find complete solitude in the strings of Bluegrass music, which brings on a since of peace. 

Piano brochures adorn your walls; the vibrant photos  nearly jumps off the wall.  

You string together vintage pieces. A few rusty spoons hung next to an old tapestry, to be viewed during the family meal. 

Beautiful and inspiring post cards dating back 100's of years should not just be tucked away in a box to be viewed once a year. 

So you.......


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